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Dr. Annaik Feve created Neurofinde and is the director 

She is a neurologist and psychoanalyst0 and works with leaders of financial firms, and with companies  and organizations where  risk is specific. 

contact us for an overview of your company, organization or board to find a risk in human factors

Annaik Feve has been involved and built several public  hospital teams

She is a specialist of family business psychology, and she meets regularly family boards to find solutions in conflicts , explore risks , both with the family business and with outside shareholders.

She is an expert in employers risk within public-private companies , and she works with several French public-private companies including La Poste, Orange during and after privatisation?

She supervises since 2009 chinese psychologists in the CAPA China program, and is representant for IPA at the UUN.

She has organized multidisciplinary roundtables for non profit associations, including Neurophiloctetes, where she is director and lead several meeting on risk and impulsivity.

Active member of ACFE, she wrote a paper in Revue Banque about neuroscientific aspects of compliance (2014) , KYC for bankers (2015) .

Neurofinde is also linked with a scientific comittea on ethical subjects

The team includes consultants Neurofinde in several environments, including transportation, and  banking and financial . Our work is strictly confidentialy and submitted to a ethic code.

Annaik Feve is now collaborating with FIS, an international firm of forensic training.

Neurofinde is involved in ACFE.



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