solutions pour les ressources humaines: limiter les risques financiers et humains, comprendre les enjeux

Cedric Bouet Willaumez


Cédric Bouët-Willaumez HEC, MSc, Dipl. Psych. MUKCP
Cedric is a London-based psychotherapist, and an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. He started practising privately in 2003, and has developed a specialisation in the treatment of anxious and depressive disorders that occur in the context of the key relationships, that shape a person’s professional and personal spheres.
In the last thirteen years, Cedric has acquired extensive experience of working with a very wide variety of individuals, both as practitioner and service manager, in institutional settings (statutory and third sector, including a residential crisis centre) Cedric is also an accredited coach, and worked for internationally renowned FMCG and financial services companies between 2007 and 2016. As a result of his ongoing therapeutic work with entrepreneurs and financiers, developed a particular interest in the psychology of risk in the professional and personal spheres.
Cedric Joined Neurofinde as a consultant in 2016 where he is in charge of training for compliance and risk manager teams.