risk prevention and evaluation

work with the risk manager about compliance and human actors , not only know your customer, but only the human risk within the enterprise and contacts

“As neurologists and neuropsychologists we propose a new way of understanding the fraud Within the institutions, companies and international financial structures. Neuropsychological Survey is Performed When Suspected fraud is prevention needs a gold in Developing compliance.

1) Who request to our office for this neurocognitive investigation?

Regulators internal compliance to work for prevent fraud,

the CEO international accounting the after the alert lawyers Involved in surveys

the accounting

2) How can we do? Scales explores impulse control, personality disorders, substance abuse and divisions as possible. Directive and non-directive interviews Were Conducted to Understand the biography, privacy and social links with real life behavior. Rules have protected strictly confidential and empathic understanding and the psychodynamic interview experience allow a re-building or deconstruction of a history of fraud and Its Place in the Individual and the cultural history of company.

3) Where? Cultural differences are Studied by our multicultural teams, the psychology of fraud in different Countries Will Be Discussed in light of recent cases. “

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