recherche et evaluation des risques humains dans les entreprises, les finances et les investissements

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group workin   We work alongside senior executives of financial firms.


We are specialised in the detection, analysis and resolution of risk situations.

We help businesses to address difficulties arising in their operational and human contexts, in the perception of risk, and we take part in the elaboration of new internal structures relating to compliance issues.

We are in direct contact with senior leaders and their teams, and we can help internal auditors, lawyers,  risk management teams in a design aim. Our clients are organizations and we discuss with leaders of organizations but also small business and fondations.

We investigate and treat risk situations when they are detected, or in the early stages of situations that have the potential to escalate into full-blown crises, such as the discovery of breaches in compliance, or during breakdown in trade relations.

We help to resolve challenging cases relating to the recruitement process for strategic functions or for board nominations.

These services are confidential, and all interviews are held privately. We are specialized in the application of neuropsychology to management and risk.

We also propose training in risk and counter frau psychology, with courses and focus groups.

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or by tel : +33652744991